VIDEO | Dozens of electric scooters being thrown in river, lake for fun in Romania, owners say

Sursa: captură video Electric scooter companies say they have fished out dozens of electric scooters from a lake and river in the Romanian capital,  Digi24 reported on Saturday.

Some of them are so badly damaged they can’t be used again. Others are vandalized and have their GPS system taken out. They are then are painted and sold on the internet, owners say.

A group of youngsters filmed themselves hurling e-scooters in the Dambovita river that runs through the city of 2 million, and it’s not a one-off event, managers said.


Adrian Daniel, a manager said that in the Herestrau Lake in northern Bucharest told Digi24 : „You can see the e-scooters in the water from the edge, I caught a minor throwing one in.”

Other e-scooters are destroyed or unable to be located after thieves deactivate the GPS system.

Luca Mateescu, an operational manager of a company said some scooters have built-in mechanisms and any suspicious activity is quickly detected.

A single electric scooter costs in the region of 1,000 euros.

The problem isn’t limited to Romania. In  Germany divers found  hundreds of e-scooters at the bottom of the River Rhine. In France and the U.S. they have been thrown in the water for fun too.

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